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We are on a mission to unleash the creative spirit of our borough and put culture at the forefront of everything we do.

CYOC24 is a year that will inspire, entertain, and showcase Calderdale by bringing people together to celebrate arts, heritage, sports, and culture in all its forms. We’re creating a platform for local talent to shine and come together.

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Welcome to CultureDale, where culture comes alive!

CultureDale is a Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council led project. It is a testament to the creativity, resilience, and passion that resides within Calderdale's people.

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Our mission is to create and promote a wide array of cultural events, exhibitions, performances, and initiatives that reflect the remarkable stories, talents, and traditions of Calderdale. As you navigate through our website, you will discover a vibrant calendar of events, informative resources, and engaging stories that shine a spotlight on Calderdale's cultural offer.

In 2024 we are celebrating Calderdale’s 50th anniversary with a Year of Culture. We’re partnering with our borough’s incredible creatives, initiatives, and residents to bring culture and creativity into the fabric of everyone's lives.

CYOC24 will include performances, festivals, workshops, creative and sports activities, and exhibitions. We aim to weave together inclusive, immersive, and sustainable cultural experiences while showcasing Calderdale's extraordinary heritage, traditions, and creativity by inviting everyone to take part.

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At the heart of CYOC24 lies a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that every individual can actively participate, contribute, and revel in cultural experiences. We need you to make CYOC24 an incredible year.

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Calderdale boasts a diverse and dynamic cultural landscape. Known for our historic architecture, industrial heritage, and thriving arts scene, we are committed to culture and our cultural organisations.

CYOC24 is guided by
Where Creativity Flows, Calderdale’s Cultural Strategy, which was created in partnership with our cultural sector. We are committed to the guiding principles of:

A Larger Creative Life: We believe that culture and creativity should be woven into the fabric of every person's life, regardless of age, to inspire happier, healthier lives.

Creative Citizens: We want to empower communities to grow and sustain their own cultural capacity, bringing to life the unique identity of each place.

A Resilient Valley: Our cultural sector inspires creative and regenerative actions to rebuild a sustainable future.

Distinctly Calderdale: We aim to attract businesses and visitors through our vibrant cultural offerings, strong sense of identity, and creative possibilities.

A Thriving Cultural Scene: We invest in our cultural sector, its people, and organisations to ensure it flourishes and plays a unique, dynamic, and effective role in wider society.

Calderdale turning 50 adds an extra layer of significance to CYOC24. We will celebrate the last 50 years by showcasing the talent of our borough, sharing the stories of our land, water, history, and people, and creating opportunities for everyone to join in.