Meet Our 11 Key Commissions
March 13, 2024

In the run up to Calderdale's Year of Culture we are so pleased to announce our 11 Key Commissions.

Our 11 Key Commissions will be working with CultureDale throughout 2024 to produce key works that engage with Calderdale's community, heritage, and creativity.

Meet the key commissions who are orchestrating some of the key projects, performances, and initiatives, each dedicated to celebrating the diverse groups and individuals within our community. Let’s delve into each key commissioner and take a look at what each is offering to Calderdale to celebrate #CYOC24.

Curious Motion
Projects: Welland Festival & Calder Navigation

Curious Motion will be participating in #CultureDale with their Welland Festival. A Community Arts & Health Festival in Elland. They are also hosting their 'Calder Navigation' podcast, exploring the lives of Calderdale's incredible people. Get involved through volunteering, attending festivals, and staying updated on social media. Find out more on Curious Motion's website.

Hebden Bridge Arts
Project: ‘THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES’ Inspired Community Project.

Hebden Bridge Arts will present an environmentally-themed community project inspired by Jean Giono's 'THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES.' Engage through volunteering, public workshops, community sharing days, and exploring exhibitions in June and July. Find out more on the Hebden Bridge Arts website here.

Happy Valley Pride
Projects: LGBTQ Arts Festival, The Posh Club, Youth Engagement

Happy Valley Pride celebrates diversity with projects like the LGBTQ Arts Festival, The Posh Club combating loneliness, and a Youth Engagement Project raising awareness about LGBTQ+
life. Volunteer and attend their festivals and performances to support inclusivity. Find more more on Happy Valley Pride's website.

Northern Rascals
Project: ‘Reviving Her’ - Exploring Female Safety, Identity, and Empowerment

Northern Rascals brings forth ‘Reviving Her,’ exploring female safety, identity, and empowerment. Engage with free dance & movement classes, volunteer, and attend the powerful performance. Stay updated by heading to Northern Rascals website.

Mr Wilson’s
Project: ‘Opal’s Comet’ - A Waterways Pilgrimage Exploring Grief

Mr Wilson’s presents ‘Opal’s Comet,’ an animated artwork exploring the seasons of grief. Engaging with local schools, choirs, and singers. Attend live performances, access online broadcasts, and volunteer. Find out more on the Mr Wilsons Second Liners website.

Project: ‘Arvon Festival of Writing’ - Amplifying Voices

Arvon curates the ‘Arvon Festival of Writing’ featuring diverse creative writing activities. Engage with the outreach program, attend exhibitions, writing days, and captivating performances. Find out more on the Arvon website.

Everybody Arts
Projects: Artist Residencies, Exhibitions, Workshops

Everybody Arts offers four artist residencies in public venues across Calderdale. Engage with free creative activities, attend exhibitions, and participate in workshops. Volunteer and explore the diverse range of artistic expressions. Keep up-to-date on the Everybody Arts website.

Handmade Productions
Projects: Unveiling Soon

Handmade Productions is set to bring captivating cultural experiences to Calderdale during #CultureDale. More information on their projects for #CYOC24 will be announced soon. Stay connected via their social media platforms and the Handmade Productions website.

Northern Broadsides
Project: ‘Iron People’ - Environmental Collaboration

Northern Broadsides invites Calderdale residents to join the 'Iron People' project throughout 2024. Engage in poetry and acting workshops, participate in the celebration event in September 2024, and explore volunteer opportunities. Stay informed about this collaborative effort on their
social media platforms and the Northern Broadsides website.

Hebden Bridge Film Festival
Project: Calderdale Based Short Film Competition

Hebden Bridge Film Festival hosts a Calderdale Based Short Film Competition as part of #CultureDale. Attend workshops, submit your work for the competition, and participate in the film competition delivery. Explore volunteer opportunities and stay updated through their social media platforms and the Hebden Bridge Film Festival website.

IOU Theatre
Projects: The Wheel, Sculptural Street Theatre & More

IOU Theatre, a dynamic Key Commissioner, presents multiple projects throughout the Year of Culture. From 'The Wheel,' a sculptural street theater, to collaborations with Valley of Sanctuary, St Augustine’s, and Sam Clayton, IOU offers a diverse range of cultural experiences. Attend
exhibitions, participate in an open call for Calderdale-based artists, and explore volunteer opportunities. Stay connected via their social media platforms and IOU website.

Each of these project is set to be an incredible contribution to a colourful & diverse Year of Culture.

We are so excited to see CultureDale unfold throughout 2024-2025.

Keep up to date by following us on social media @CultureDale.